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 Welcome to the world of CLESSYDRA

where beauty and self-care intertwine with the flow of time.

Like sand constantly flowing through the neck of the hourglass,

Our philosophy reflects the importance of acting promptly to preserve and enhance our natural beauty.

There's no better time than now to start your journey to healthy, radiant skin.

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The name "CLESSYDRA" connects with the precious lesson transmitted by the ancient hourglass: time passes incessantly and preciously, and skincare should never be postponed.

We are inspired by the knowledge that every moment is an opportunity to take care of yourself, to enhance your beauty and to invest in the health of your skin.

Making skincare an integral part of your daily routine is a gesture of love towards yourself, a dedication to your well-being and your authenticity.

CLESSYDRA invites you to experience the beauty of every moment, recognizing that self-care is a precious art that continues over time.

Applicazione della crema per il viso

Our values

We believe that beauty goes beyond external appearance.

It lies in the authenticity of who we are and in the care we dedicate to ourselves. For this reason, we promote a culture of self-care, where time dedicated to one's beauty becomes a precious ritual to nourish both body and spirit.

What sets us apart is the scrupulous attention dedicated to the research and development of our products. Each formula is the result of a harmonious fusion between innovative ingredients and ancient knowledge, coming from natural and sustainable sources.

We pride ourselves on creating skincare cosmetics that are kind to your skin, environmentally friendly and free from harmful substances to give you visible results and a feeling of well-being.

Our range of skincare products have been specially created to fit into your busy life, allowing you to care for your skin with ease and pleasure.

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How we are born

CLESSYDRA is synonymous with quality, it was born from a solid reality present in the food supplements market since 2007.

Supported by the experience of Sagè Pharma, it represents an important initiative that combines skills and passion for well-being with a new adventure in skincare. This provides us with a solid foundation which is reflected in the quality of our products.

We are proud to be able to combine the expertise accumulated in the world of food supplements with the innovation of skincare, thus bringing to the market products that stand out for their authenticity, transparency and tangible results.

We are happy to offer our products also in pharmacies, guaranteeing convenient and reliable access to our products.

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